Our team the American School Of Las Palmas

Our team


Our Project is based upon a solid group of highly qualified professionals, considered learning facilitators and student motivators.

In order to meet our objectives, we count on enthusiastic professionals who identify with the philosophy of the school and:

  1. Facilitate the development of the skills and professional and personal qualities of all teachers, so that they can engage the students to be curious, to investigate, to be critical, to assume responsibility and to develop emotional intelligence.
  2. Stimulate the teachers to actively participate in different aspects of the management and decision-making in the school.
  3. Provide teachers with the means and conditions to develop professionally, learn new skills and promote excellence in all that they do.
  4. Promote team work amongst the teachers in all pedagogical departments.
  5. Encourage the teacher to research and investigate educational trends to improve or modify the educational practices.
  6. Involve the teachers in the innovation projects being initiated in the school.