ASLP students to run for La Palma - The American School of Las Palmas

ASLP has organized a run-a-thon to help the community on the island of La Palma due to the volcanic explosion. As many people have lost their homes and way of life, ASLP wants to help them. The event will take place on Friday October 22nd 2021 and we hope everyone can participate.

Here is what our school director Shannon Curran had to say:
This teaches our students and the entire school community to be involved in something that will impact the greater good… Our efforts this year will support our neighbors on La Palma. We have direct connections with the community as members of our ASLP families are affected. We hope that everyone will join us in solidarity for the people, the island of La Palma. ASLP stands with La Palma!

Due to the pandemic, families will be able to watch their child live on Instagram from their workplace or home. Many students such as the ASLP Ambassadors, Events Management Team, Sound Crew and the High School Student Council will be helping to prepare for the big day and ensuring that this event is a success!

As ASLP is an Eco-friendly school, only reusable materials will be used. For example, runners will need to bring their own water bottles or we will use chains and cones on the race track instead of plastic tape.
We are also counting on the help of many companies collaborating such as Aguacana SA, Laister Gran Canaria and Cima Running sports shops and Serunion the food catering company.

In the last race we organized in March, ASLP was able to raise over 4700€ for the NGO The Monkey Girl to help a village in Gambia. They used this money to buy a mini bus and more. The mini bus can take children to school, people to see the doctor and/or work.

We hope to be able to raise a similar amount this time!

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