ASLP students volunteer at Parkinson Center - The American School of Las Palmas


The Gran Canaria Parkinson Center recently opened up next to our ASLP Campus. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity so that our students can learn important lessons about volunteering and caring for others.

As all ASLP students need to complete 75 hours of community service in order to graduate, we thought that many can benefit from this experience and make an impact. Starting this month, we will have small groups of students volunteering for a few hours on a weekly basis. They will first have a class or two on what Parkinson is. Then they will start helping the people suffering from this disease to walk, do exercise, play musical instruments, help them with arts and crafts and more.

In addition, grades can also go in groups with their homeroom teachers and spend an hour or two doing activities. For example, they can go and do a small concert or an activity with them. Just before the Christmas break, both the 4th and 5th grade classes went and sang Christmas carols. They then gave out flowers. The Parkinson Center said that the event “surpassed all of their expectations” and the elderly suffering from Parkinson were overwhelmed with emotion. We are also planning for the Pre-School to visit them on Valentine’s Day and the 3rd graders hope to do an arts & craft project with our new friends.

Volunteering is something that is beneficial to both our students and the people suffering from Parkinson. The age gap is significant and so our young students can learn from the elderly and acquire important skills. It gives the students more self-confidence, helps improve their inter-personal skills and gives them experience which they can add to their resume. It provides them with a sense of fulfilment and can be a fun activity as well.

We hope to continue this project for many years to come!

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