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Over $1,000,000 in scholarships have been offered by prestigious US universities like Northeastern and Drexel to ASLP students in the last three years to study at their colleges. The incredible fact about this figure is that approximately 2-3 students of the graduating class decide to study in the US. In addition, the figure of $1,000,000 only refers to scholarships offered for academic purposes and does not include scholarships offered for sports. If we were to include scholarships for students with a talent in sports, the amount would be higher.

Over the years, students from ASLP have received a number of scholarships because they stood out in various sports like soccer, tennis or basketball. It is important to highlight that in the last few years, ASLP students are starting to receive scholarships with a significant amount of money for academic purposes. In addition, the scholarships obtained by our students seem to have more merit when one considers that none of the students has US nationality and scholarships are therefore more difficult to obtain.

In the Canary Islands, many students wish to study in the US. However, very few obtain scholarships. Therefore, what is the secret of success of our ASLP students?  The key to success is a combination of factors:

First, ASLP students receive individual attention from the college counselor. It is important for parents and students to meet with the college counselor in grade 9 so they can start to select which courses to take in the future and which exams to prepare for. For example, the counselor may advise a particular student to take the PSAT in 10th grade, the SAT in 11th grade and various AP exams in 12th grade.

Another factor is that the students are shown how to write college essays and how to persuade universities to look at their strengths. The university counselor also helps students to fill out the forms correctly. Another factor is the work of the teachers when it is time to write recommendation letters and the importance of giving only relevant and necessary information.

Last of all, the students need to obtain an excellent GPA and good results in official exams. An example of such a student is Felipe Castellano Macias from the Class of 2015 who obtained a full scholarship to Northeastern University after taking ten AP exams.

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