Career Night: A Success and with an ECO touch! - The American School of Las Palmas

Over 100 students and parents from grades 8-12 attended Career Night at ASLP last Thursday. The event was organized to help our students decide what degree to study in the future. At this age, many students are undecided and Career Night gave them the opportunity to listen to at least five professionals.

Engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, psychologists, lawyers, journalists and more professionals attended the meeting. They gave the students recommendations, advice on what to study at school, informed them of what skills are necessary and explained their day to day at the job.

The speakers were formed by parents and alumni graduated from ASLP. We wish to thank them for their time and to say that their talks had an impact on our students. One female student who thought she wanted to be an artist in is now considering studying law. Another student is now convinced he wants to be doctor. Another student was considering studying architecture, which was something he had never contemplated before Career Night.

Furthermore, a room was set up with brochures and information on summer camps and universities. We also had a representative from the scholarship competition American Dream who informed parents on how to apply for this competition. In addition, the representative from Les Roches Hotel Management School spoke to many students interested in this career.

Most of the event was organized by our students from grades 9-11. The students organized the tables and desks, ensured the projectors, cables and computers were working, prepared the room with information on universities and introduced the speakers.  The students offered refreshments and ensured that everything was ECO-friendly. The cups used were from our cafeteria instead of plastic disposable ones. The food was homemade to avoid purchasing food with plastic wrappers. The speakers did not give handouts and the recycle bins were used.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, successful evening at ASLP!

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