Congratulations to Pre-School and Elementary School for their exemplary work with Zero Waste! - The American School of Las Palmas

This year, The American School of Las Palmas is continuing with its Zero Waste Campaign which forms part of the ECO-School Program.  All the different divisions and departments within the school have a specific task or objective.

For the past two years, both the Pre-school and Elementary School have been the pioneers throughout the school in trying to reduce waste to an absolute minimum or “Zero.” This has meant that the snacks the children bring for example are not in packaged food. The sandwiches, fruit or cookies are sent in a Tupperware or container instead. Also, we recommend that the water bottles and containers should be non-toxic plastic.

The idea is to help our students acquire good environmental habits from an early age in order to develop a deep sense of responsibility and care for their surroundings. As educators, it is our duty to help our students make responsible choices.

Both Pre-school and Elementary School have shown dedication and cooperation in this aspect and their example should be followed by others. This year, the entire school will follow the example set by the younger students and follow the Zero Waste Campaign.

The Zero Waste Campaign is just one of the steps in order to become a recognized ECO Friendly School which is our objective. If you would like to learn more about this issue, visit the following website:

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