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Cooperative Learning at ASLP

Cooperative Learning is taught at ASLP from Nursery (3 yrs old)  to 12th grade in Upper School. In May 2019, all teachers went through a refreshers course in Cooperative Learning. However, only recently is it starting to make an impact on the teaching that is going on in a daily basis in the classroom.

 What is it exactly and what are its benefits?

Cooperative Learning implies much more than the traditional method of working in groups. It ensures that all students are learning by promoting debate which in turn increases performance and improves relationships between students. Cooperative Learning is moving away from a teacher giving a presentation and is based more on student-centered learning.

Students are able to solve academic problems together and learn from each other. They gain confidence, better improve their relationship with the teacher, are more motivated and learn more effectively. There are different games and activities which the students can play in the classroom and the teacher can ensure the classes are always varied.

For example, the 1-2-4 activity is a good illustration of Cooperative Learning. The teacher explains a concept and gives the students a question or problem to solve. The students try to solve it on their own for about 1-2 minutes. Then, they share their answer with the person sitting next to them for about 1-2 minutes. They explain it to each other and ensure they understand. Next, the teacher instructs the students to share and explain it with the other two people in front of them. Finally, the teacher asks any person randomly from the group to answer the question. Points or prizes can also be given but are not necessary. The purpose is to ensure that all students know how to solve the problem.

ASLP will continue to use and improve this innovative system for learning in the future.

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