Eco-Garden Construction - The American School of Las Palmas


Last Saturday around 50 students, parents and teachers met at the American School of Las Palmas to construct an Eco-Garden. Mr. Remo Velardo, the Coordinator of Eco-Council and AP Environmental Science teacher took the lead in organizing this great day. The objectives of the day were:

– To build planting beds out of wooden pallets.
– To build compost containers out of wooden pallets.
– To create small planters for butterfly plants (asclepia) for each of the grades in Elementary School. The monarch butterfly which is an endangered species places it eggs on this plant and the caterpillars eat its leaves.
– To do a general clean up and to organize the area located behind the Upper School Science Lab
– To contribute ideas to make a greener future for ASLP.

The day spent at school was a total success as everyone contributed by bringing tools from home, soil and plants (especially vegetables). The volunteers were divided up into teams and worked in different areas of the school with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

In addition, examples of student work in sustainability were presented and there was also the opportunity to take a ‘sustainability tour’ of the campus led by the students. The snacks and food brought from home were local and healthy to reinforce the ASLP eco-focus.

Ever since the school was awarded the Green Eco flag last June by the Eco-School organization, the projects and commitment of ASLP with the environment have increased and improved. Teaching students about the environment and how to lead a more eco-friendly life is an important part of our mission of ASLP.


Eco-Garden, After


Eco-Garden Before

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