04Apr 2017
ECO-WEEK, semana ecológica

ASLP celebrated Eco-Week with activities going on from Pre-School to Upper School.  Eco-week has three objectives, which are to teach students about Zero Waste, Biodiversity and Water Conservation. Here are the main highlights:

  • Pre-school and Elementary School walked symbolic distances carrying water in Las Palmas on Wednesday March 22nd to simulate what other children have to go through every day to obtain water. In addition, the students raised money for the distance walked for the organization Walking for Water and will help the people in a village in Asia have running drinking water. For more information see walkingforwater.eu
  • On Thursday March 23rd, Middle and Upper School had assemblies to learn about zero waste and how to recycle properly. On Friday March 24th, they also did a campus clean up so they could actually practice recycling.
  • Students in Social Studies also watched documentaries and then held class discussions on the topic of negative environmental effects.
  • On Wednesday March 22nd, all students and teachers were encouraged to wear green t-shirts to remind us of the importance of the environment.
  • On the same day was the last day to hand in the design for the water bottle competition. The idea is that next year, students bring in a water bottle as opposed to bringing in plastic water bottles.
  • To increase biodiversity, in Pre-school and the dome area, a palette garden was organized. The students will be responsible for taking care of the gardens.

See more about Eco-School.

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