Education from 3 to 18 years old



Preschool serves as the foundation for learning at ASLP. It provides a cosy, family atmosphere in which preschoolers are immersed in stimulating nurturing, learning activities.

  • The creative selection of themes and developmentally appropriate activities, set out in the curriculum, have been carefully crafted to respect the needs of each of the students as individuals. The use of a wide variety of resources enriches the child-centered strategies utilized by teachers to facilitate the social, emotional and academic development of the students.
  • The academic program goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Students are provided with real life learning opportunites through both excursions and community participation. The students’ prior knowledge, experiences and interest play key roles in interactive learning, developing their curiosity and promoting a sense of achievement.

Students leave Preschool equipped with a strong base of the necessary skills for a successful transition into Elementary School. They move on as motivated, responsible individuals on the path to becoming independent learners.

  • Assessment is continuous and used in a formative sense to judge the effectiveness of both the learning and the teaching process (for identifying strengths and weaknesses). Both formative and cumulative assessment is consistent with the teaching methodology and curriculum.
  • Emphasis is on the application of knowledge and skills rather than on the repetition of facts.
  • Students are assessed against defined criteria of assessment and not against other students (the school aims for criterion-referenced and not norm-referenced assessment).
  • The school uses Report Cards and Parent Conferences as the method of formally reporting student progress to parents.
  • A variety of indicators of student performance are used, as well as a range of assessment activities.


General Information

The Preschool years set the stage for a child’s future. At ASLP we strive to make school a positive experience for each individual by providing an atmosphere that fosters growth in all areas of a child’s development. The Preschool staff work closely as a team to create a family atmosphere whose nurturing, stimulating environment is a place where your child can grow and be happy.

ASLP provides classes for preschool students between the ages of 3 and 5 years old in a separate building on the main school campus.

Students are taught through an immersion program in English, working through topics and themes. The contents are coordinated on a maturity and skill appropriate basis. Spanish classes are given daily and the work usually enhances the theme being taught in the class at the time.

Students enjoy many different activities and learning experiences incorporated into the program. Preschoolers have their own specific early learners’ equipment and play facilities but, by being part of a larger school campus, they also have access to the artificial grass sports field, numerous courts, mini running track and other play areas. Students can use the instruments found in the music department, or use scientific equipment, they can also use the computer laboratory, or visit the extensive library of English books.

The fact that the Preschool is on the main campus only confirms the feeling of ASLP being an extension of each child’s family as all students show great respect, love and care for fellow students no matter what age.

In each group, attention is given to the individual and his/her needs as well as addressing different learning styles. Young children are always wanting answers to questions, anxious to experiment and discover. Our ASLP students love creating whether in art, cookery, gardening (Preschool has its own garden growing organic vegetables), music or in class with plasticine, building blocks, dolls, cars, road and train sets.

Physical Education is part of daily school life. Specialists are also available to work with students on particular PE skills on a regular basis. Extra activities such as swimming, judo and yoga classes are all offered this year for those who are interested. Babysitting is also an option for those who have older siblings in the after school program.

Lunch is prepared at school and is served under the close supervision of cafeteria and preschool staff. Nap-time is provided for the younger students.

During the school year there are special days when parents and families are invited to join the class for presentations and/or to participate in and share activities. Children at ASLP are encouraged to express their creativity through these shows, plays, with songs, dance and music to gain confidence and independence.

Excursions to concerts, plays, animal parks, the country, the beach or parents at their work-place serves to reinforce class work and expose students to the “real world”.