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For over 40 years, ASLP has always had a student council. Many parents have heard of the student council but are not exactly sure what this group of dedicated students actually do. Therefore, we will try to explain their role in a few paragraphs.

First of all, the ASLP Student Council was first organized so that the students could have a voice; so that the opinion of students could be heard.  At the beginning of each school year, class representatives are chosen and students then vote in addition to these positions for a President (normally a senior student), a Vice-President (normally a junior), a Treasurer and a Secretary.  Before the voting though, the students have a week or two to campaign and to give speeches. All students listen to the candidates and then vote.  Candidates ask for votes and in return try to persuade students by convincing them that they will organize different student activities.  The events can be sports tournaments, Halloween parades, a dance etc.

Once the student council is formed, the students and teacher counselor set up a weekly date to hold meetings. The President then has an agenda and the President leads the meetings. The teacher intervenes only when necessary to provide guidance. The students usually organize activities where money is needed like the High School Prom.  This year, the students raised around 4000 euros for their activities. In their weekly meetings the students discuss ideas, vote on them and then discuss ways of how to carry them out.

In the process, these students gain many skills which they will need in their future. For example, they learn to lead meetings and to speak in public. Listen to and prioritize ideas. They learn how to manage a meeting correctly. They learn about accounting. They learn to publicize and promote their activities. They learn to persuade and to negotiate.  They learn how a democracy works and practice good citizenship. They learn about the logistics and how to improvise. For example, this year, the students planned many activities. No matter how detailed their plans were, the reality was always a little different.  Students also develop positive attitudes and help to improve student morale and spirit. They promote good teacher-student relationship and provide a forum for student expression. They also make new friends and talk with students that they would not normally talk with.

Furthermore, many universities look for students who have been involved in student council because they know the students gain these skills. The leaders of the student council can be the leaders of tomorrow.


In addition, the Student Council has also been involved in other activities. For example, when the school organizes an event, many times it asks the Student Council to help. Also, when there have been school fundraisers, the student council has also been involved.  Also, in some cases of a serious discipline issue, a member of the student council is asked to attend to be the voice of the students. Furthermore at ASLP, there have mostly been two student councils: a Middle School one and an Upper School one.

For those students that have never been involved in the Student Council, it an activity that is fun and is very rewarding! If you would like more information contact alhernandez@aslp.org


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