First Eco Food Fair - The American School of Las Palmas

The first Eco Food Fair, which took place last Saturday with over 400 people attending, was a huge success. The annual Food Fair has a tradition which dates back to the early 1970s at ASLP but this year it reflected our commitment to zero waste and recycling

As usual there was food from all over the world, especially from those nations that represent our school community like Japan, Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Russia and USA. In addition, there was a soccer tournament, baseball exhibition, bouncy castle and a foam party. The teachers and students set up activities such as a tombola, the jail, the sponge throw, an egg and spoon competition or henna tattooing. There was also an art exhibition with the work of the students from all grades on display. The Food Fair ended with the traditional raffle offering many great prizes donated by the families and their businesses.

Amongst those who attended were many alumni who returned “home” and were reunited with their class, friends and teachers. There were also students fundraising for a cancer organization called Fundación Alejandro da Silva.

This year a big difference was made thanks to the work of the Eco-Council and the ASLP Zero Waste Policy. As a further step towards being 100% zero waste, this year the plates were not the plastic throw-away type. Instead, a deposit was paid for the use of the plates which was later reimbursed when they were returned.

As a result, we did not need huge garbage cans for the hundreds of plates used. The emphasis was more on recycling and using the yellow bins than in previous years. There was still left-over disposable plastic cutlery from other years that we wanted to take advantage of so the decision was made to use them. However, at next year’s Food Fair, we hope to use knives, forks and spoons that can be reused as well.  Step by step, ASLP is changing the way our students think and act, recycling is their way of life.

The Food Fair continues to improve year after year and reflects the success of the community working together.

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