Good luck during the AP exams! - The American School of Las Palmas

During the first two weeks of May, ASLP students have been taking AP (Advanced Placement) Exams in many different subjects. The AP’s are college level exams in over 30 different subjects such as Calculus, Biology, Microeconomics, European History or Spanish Literature. This means that the exams have a higher level than most college entrance exams.

This year, our students are taking exams in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, French, Psychology, Art History and more. Furthermore, AP exams are recognized in over 60 nations around the world and in the US, college credit is given. In the past years, some ASLP students have taken so many AP exams that they have been able to skip half or a full year of college and start directly in their second year. Not only does this save money but also means our students have an excellent academic level.

Universities in the US are more likely to accept students to their college if students have taken AP courses. In the past years, the results from our exams have been high. When the students are in 9th or 10th grade, they should start thinking about which courses to take. If you are not sure of which subjects your son/daughter should choose, then make an appointment with the college counselor at ASLP.

Currently, ASLP is the only school in the Canary Islands to prepare students to take the AP exams. Also, along with the PSAT, SAT and TOEFL exams, ASLP is the only authorized test center for AP’s. For more information on the AP exams, the following website has more information:

We wish our students good luck this year!

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