07Jul 2017
Graduación graduation ASLP

Congratulations on your exam grades and graduation!

We would like to congratulate our senior class for obtaining an excellent overall grade point average in their university entrance exams in the Spanish system. The class average was an 8.0671 points out of a total of 10 points in the new exam called the PCE (Prueba de Competencias Especifica).

The students took their exams at the end of May at the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia). The UNED is reputed to have higher standards in their exams than the other Spanish public universities where most students take their exam. This makes the achievement all the more significant for our student as they have a tougher exam.

In this new test, students may choose to take up to four exams from subjects such as Spanish, English, mathematics, art history, biology, physics and more. The choice of subjects really depends on what the students intend to study in university and the university requirements.

The students can now either start the application process to Spanish universities or show their grades to the European ones that they have applied to.

At the same time, we would like to congratulate the entire class in their graduation which took place on June 16th at the CICCA Theater in Las Palmas. We are proud that the Class of 2017 is the 50th class to graduate from ASLP.  In these 50 years ASLP has come a long way.

In the graduation ceremony we had many surprises from parents, teachers and students. As usual we gave the Ambassadors Award for Exceptional Leadership and the Director’s Award for International Understanding. In addition, we had speeches from the class Salutatorian, Valedictorian and Director.

At this moment we are waiting to hear in early July from the Collegeboard regarding the AP (Advanced Placement) exams which many of our seniors also took in May. Our students took tests in AP World History, Calculus, Spanish Language, Biology and more subjects. We are certain that they will do well and obtain excellent grades!

We wish you good luck in the future wherever you are!!

Graduación graduation ASLP

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