iPad in ASLP! - The American School of Las Palmas

As we all know, iPads are a revolutionary tool for education, but ASLP’s goal is to go further. Starting this year in 6th and 7th grades, our students will be using IPads in the classroom. The objective is that in a few years all students in secondary school will be using an IPAD.

iPads are already part of our daily lives, and they are so simple to use, that our goal is not to just have students using them in class, but to educate them on how to be proficient users and independent workers as well as critical thinkers and creative individuals and partners.

It is of the upmost importance to us that our students develop their digital competency as well as their independence.

We want the iPads and the resources they offer to wake up students’ curiosity, to improve their learning process and to create excitement through experiences using tools such as:

  • Augmented reality,
  • 3-D contents investigation,
  • PBL (Project Based Learning).

While developing their autonomy through techniques such as:

  • Visual thinking and mental mapping: these techniques facilitate the comprehension of concepts through schemes and drawings, enhancing the communicative possibilities provided by image. As a result, the explanation and study of the subject is made significantly easier.
  • Flipped classroom: conceptual classes in which students are totally aware of their learning process and progress. They also take a step forward in their own preparation and come to class with a clear idea of the contents that will be covered.
  • Audiovisual creation which enhances their creativity.
  • Gamification (learning through games): a learning technique which transfers game mechanisms, such as rewards, to the educational-professional field to improve students results, motivation and commitment to their work.

By the end of middle school, we want our students to master their device in a proficient and profitable way, for this reason we will provide them with the best guidance possible. We will set high expectations and help the students and their families to feel at ease and supported throughout the way.

We are moving forward together and planting the seeds of tomorrow’s educational roots.


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