Maine Exchange Program - The American School of Las Palmas

Once again, The American School of Las Palmas is involved in a Cultural Exchange Program in Maine, USA with Camden Hills Regional High School. Two teachers and 15 students from grades 8-11 are participating this year in the program from Friday October 26th to Friday November 9th.

For two weeks, our students will be living with an American family and going to the high school mentioned above. The objectives of the trip are to experience life with the family and to learn about local customs and culture. Students will improve their English, be exposed to living in USA and create a bond with the family and their American classmates. Apart from attending the school and the classes, the students will also visit local universities and go on excursions to places such as Arcadia National Park, visit Boston and go to an ice hockey match.

For many of our students it will be the first time they see the ‘yellow school bus’, attend a high school with so many students (almost 700 students from grades 9-12), eat the cafeteria food in the US or have dinner at 17:30. It will also be the first time that they can attend numerous and diverse subjects like ‘The History of Rock and Roll’ or a theater class.

Just before Easter in 2019, it will be our turn to host the students coming from Maine. They will stay in Las Palmas with our families and we will show them Canarian culture and our school. The students from Maine will have similar objectives while they are in Gran Canaria such as attending ASLP, improving their Spanish and also going on excursions to Roque Nublo or to the Maspalomas sand dunes.
ASLP has been participating in a cultural exchange program with Camden Hills Regional High School since 2016.

For more information you can visit the Camden Hills Regional High School webpage.

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