Mindfulness at The American School of Las Palmas - The American School of Las Palmas

On the 17th of November The American School of Las Palmas community will join together briefly to do a Mindfulness activity. Mindfulness is a new and modern type of psychology with its roots in medical schools. It is currently practiced in many areas such as in sports, the work place, by families and in education with promising results which are scientifically proven.

Mindfulness consists of maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of not only of our thoughts but also of our surrounding environment. By practicing mindfulness we become more aware of ourselves and also help our concentration, memory and to control our thoughts and emotions. This will in turn help us to live a fuller life and enable us to be more aware of the reality and of each moment.

At The American School of Las Palmas it is important to help our students and to give them the possibility of being more conscience and aware of the present moment and to help them in their happiness and well-being. The objective is to help the students achieve their potential so they are more conscious and calm and to help them correct their behavior and to improve their integral development.

Mr. Alfredo González, who is an The American School of Las Palmas teacher and has a doctorate from the Universidad de Las Palmas and is an instructor in the reduction of stress based on Mindfulness, will lead the brief activity. The objective will be to share with the ASLP community the benefits of practicing meditation. By meditating in a group, there will not only be more of a sense and connection to the environment but also with oneself. Furthermore, the natural environment where the school is located will certainly help achieve the goal.

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