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12th Grade

Our 12th grade students are about to graduate, and we will miss them very much when they go on their new journey far away!! However, where will they study next year? First of all, we are proud to announce that this year, our 12th grade students have received scholarships for their various talents to study […]

Run La Palma Carrera Solidaria

ASLP has organized a run-a-thon to help the community on the island of La Palma due to the volcanic explosion. As many people have lost their homes and way of life, ASLP wants to help them. The event will take place on Friday October 22nd 2021 and we hope everyone can participate. Here is what […]

Tecnología Technology

Technology and Education online during COVID-19 The American School of Las Palmas, which was founded by employees working for NASA, has made technology available to the students. “During the health crisis we have seen many families dissatisfied with the low quality of the virtual classes being offered and frustrated with the excessive workload for students.  […]

Counselling orientación

College Counselling Service Includes an Individualized Plan College counselling is an important service at ASLP. In fact, all students in grades 11 and 12 have an hour of college counseling in their schedules. It is obligatory for all and the subject is unique in the Canary Islands. Furthermore, students in grades 9-10 have meetings with […]


40 years of participation in the THIMUN Conference ASLP students have been participating in the THIMUN Conference in The Hague for at least 40 years. Following this tradition, last week a group from Upper School students from The American School of Las Palmas attempted to solve problems we face today around the world in the […]

Aprendizaje Cooperativo Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning at ASLP Cooperative Learning is taught at ASLP from Nursery (3 yrs old)  to 12th grade in Upper School. In May 2019, all teachers went through a refreshers course in Cooperative Learning. However, only recently is it starting to make an impact on the teaching that is going on in a daily basis […]

ASLP_Centro Parkinson

ASLP STUDENTS VOLUNTEER The Gran Canaria Parkinson Center recently opened up next to our ASLP Campus. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity so that our students can learn important lessons about volunteering and caring for others. As all ASLP students need to complete 75 hours of community service in order to graduate, we […]

Save the Children

  ASLP was awarded a plaque by Save the Children for raising awareness and participating once again in a run-a-thon to raise money for a good cause. The representative, Juan Guilló Jiménez, came to school to present us with the plaque. At the same time, ASLP students and director handed the check for 2,897€ to […]

Team Equipo

Last week, the entire Elementary School went on an excursion to the countryside to play team building and cooperation games. It is important as our mission statement says, that students learn “the ability to work in a team, collaborate and to communicate effectively”. These tools are vital for the future and students need to start […]


The American School of Las Palmas is proud to be a KiVa School. Our KiVa program with the students starts this week with an assembly and prevention classes. KiVa is a research-based antibullying program that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The effectiveness […]