OPEN HOUSE - The American School of Las Palmas

This year, Open House will take place on Thursday, September 27th at 19:00h. Open House is an evening in which parents have the opportunity to meet the teachers of their children. The teacher will explain to parents the content of what their children will be taught, the methodology, the resources and all other relevant and pertinent information.

The evening will commence with a speech from the school director followed by the introduction of the staff. Teachers will then take over and show the parents things like the textbooks and software used both in the classroom and at home. In addition, teachers will explain their policies (exams, homework, tardy etc), communication with parents and any special projects such as excursion or field trips. Student volunteers will be available to help parents find the right classroom.

Here is some information on two of the programs which parents need to be familiar with:

Alexia: This is the program where parents can find the report cards and grades of their children. In Middle and Upper School, teachers publish tests, homework, quizzes and projects periodically.

Google Classroom: In Middle and Upper School, many teachers use this program to inform students of the homework and due date. Many teachers also announce tests here and add extra information. Parents can be invited to this program and will therefore have the same information as their children.

The evening will finish at around 20:30h when we will all meet in the school cafeteria for a drink and have the opportunity to talk more informally. Parents will also find the After-school Coordinator available and will be able to sign up their children to the activities which will commence soon. Parents can purchase the school PE uniform if they have not yet done so.

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