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Saturday School

What is Saturday School?

Saturday School is the American School of Las Palmas Language School. It is for students in the Spanish system who wish to learn English using the American methodology. We offer a four-hour weekly course on Saturdays where the students can immerse themselves in English through fun, interactive activities.

Due to excellent exam results, we have now also expanded our unique teaching methodology to include both adults and students wishing to prepare for standardized tests such as the Cambridge Exams.

We have over 25 years of experience and are the only official Test Center in Las Palmas for the TOEFL and SAT exams, exams required for entrance into American universities.

The objective of the Saturday School is to improve one’s English by participating in activities where the oral expression is emphasized and to prepare students for the official exams according to the student’s age, maturity and English level.


1. In preschool, the students have story time, sports, computers, cooking, crafts, theater, music and movement. The class also includes reading and writing activities for those students who are ready.

2. The students in the Starters, Movers and Flyers groups (7-11) will do specific activities to help them reach the objectives and the level required for each of the official Cambridge Exams. They will also participate in other activities that encourage students to learn in a fun way, like sports and games.

3. The students in the KET, PET, First (FCE) levels will focus on all aspects of the exams including listening and writing skills, using the textbooks, the Internet and different software. They will also engage in fun games and activities to motivate the students and help them to improve their learning.

4. We offer three levels for our adult groups which are organized in the following way: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The course is always adapted to the level of the group and we emphasize spoken English. There is the possibility of focusing on vocabulary for business and/or the official exams.


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