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Saturday School


What is Saturday School?

Our philosophy is to learn English in a fun way, were students can develop their skills in a free environment with their classmates. We offer different cultural events combined with some parent interaction like; Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Show, Sports Day, Carnival Day, Easter Day, Book day, End of the Year Show Day and Foam Party closure!

From 3-5 year old students learn English through a lot of listening and games. They get stimulated to start talking and writing through different activities like P.E., Art & Handcrafts, Dance, Music and Cooking.

From 6-10 students continue listening to English and write and speak more. There stimulation gets developed through activities like P.E., Art and Handcrafts, Dance, Music and Cooking. They also start getting prepared through different skills for English official exams.

From 11-18 students do a lot of speaking through different oral skills. They get specifically prepared for official Cambridge exams, and therefore also work on writing, reading and listening. Students also complement their English learning through different fun activities like P.E., Art & Handcrafts, Dance, Music and Cooking.


Adults Groups

The beginners group is for those with a basic level of English and search to talk in combination with listening, reading and writing skills. These adjust to the group; they can either be test focused, business or just simple English learning.

The intermediate group works on all the language skills on a higher level and the groups are also adjusted, depending on their interests and needs.

The advanced group looks for a high level of English skills and can also decide what type of English teaching they require.


Contact info :

Telephone: 928 43 00 23

Email: saturdayschool@aslp.org


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