KiVa School - The American School of Las Palmas

The American School of Las Palmas is proud to be a KiVa School. Our KiVa program with the students starts this week with an assembly and prevention classes. KiVa is a research-based antibullying program that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The effectiveness of KiVa has been shown in a large randomized controlled trial.

Prevention, intervention, and monitoring

KiVa is an evidence-based whole-school program developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanism to prevent bullying and to tackle the cases of bullying effectively. The former is crucial but also the latter is important, as no prevention efforts will make bullying disappear once and for all; there need to be tools to be utilized when a case of bullying comes to light. The third aspect of KiVa is constant monitoring of the situation in one’s school and the changes taking place over time; this is enabled by the online tools included in KiVa. These tools produce annual feedback for each school about their implementation of the program as well as the outcomes obtained.

All of the ASLP teachers have received training in KiVa by experts and we now have a team of five staff who belong to the KiVa team including a KiVa Coordinator. This ensures that the minute when ASLP receives information on bullying, a team member is available. We drop everything and make the bullying a priority issue.

KiVa has been proved to work not only in Finland but in many nations in the world including The Netherlands, Estonia, Italy and Great Britain. Of course there are numerous antibullying programs on the market but unfortunately, only few of them have been tested in rigorous scientific studies. This means that there is no evidence of whether or not the programs actually help in reducing bullying in schools.


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