Save the Children Run-a-thon in ASLP - The American School of Las Palmas

Whole school participates in Save the Children Run-a-thon

The whole school community participated in a run-a-thon to raise money for Save the Children last Friday in the Parque Juan Pablo II in Las Palmas. About 430 teachers, parents and students from Nursery to Grade 12 ran laps to help over a million children in Southern Sudan.

It was great to see students from all levels interacting and cheering each other on in a family atmosphere. It was nice to see the students participating and doing sports for a good cause. The students had previously filled a sponsor form and were racing for laps as the more they ran, the more money they obtained for the organization Save the Children.

The event lasted from 10:00 to 13:00.The students were not alone however. They were accompanied by our Husky mascot and Upper School Cheerleaders. In addition, the students had the pleasure of running to music that they had previously voted on. Moreover, watching our backs and safety, were the volunteers from Protección Civil who accompanied us throughout the event.

Run-a-thon Save the Children Run-a-thon Save the Children

In the end, those that either walked or ran for a minimum of 45 minutes, received the satisfaction of obtaining a finisher medal recognizing their effort. Furthermore, after the run, the students enjoyed our first eco picnic lunch. All plastic containers and forks were returned to the kitchen to be washed and reused again. Students also brought their own water bottles! It was an agreeable end to a wonderful day!

The event was also incorporated and formed part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations. In the words of our Director Jeannine Bogaard the run-a-thon is important because, “The lessons learned while participating in the Run-a-thon will have a life-long impact on our students. It shows them that they can make a difference and that they are part of the change.”

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