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Learning outside of the classroom is often necessary and valuable lessons are learned this way as well. Last Friday was a classic example at ASLP when the students of Elementary School spent the day doing team building and cooperative games and our secondary students led the school in a demonstration to support Action on Climate Change.

According to the ASLP mission statement, it is important that students learn “the ability to work in a team, collaborate and to communicate effectively.” These tools are vital for the future and students need to start to acquire these skills at a young age.

Therefore, on Friday, the students in Elementary School were divided into four “houses” which were comprised of students from grades 1-5. The students then spent the day mostly outdoors doing team building activities. Points were earned only if the entire team was able to successfully solve the task or challenge. All teams therefore had the opportunity to be first. They did not be compete against other teams but rather against themselves. The problems required good thinking skills, excellent communication, listening and of course team work. Our 4th and especially 5th grade students took on a vital leadership role that was successful in helping the younger members of the teams achieve their objectives.

Furthermore, at the end of the day on Friday, our secondary students from grades 6-12, led a school wide demonstration to support Action on Climate Change. The demonstration started as a rally in the secondary building and then continued as a march throughout the whole school. As they walked past classrooms, students and teachers of all ages would join the march. The climax came when everyone gathered in our basketball courts and formed the prefix ECO. Our students were organized and had different roles to play such as some leading the march, others held signs in protest, while a few were responsible for taking photos. It was the perfect end to a day dedicated to learning.

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