Cursos de verano en el extranjero para estudiantes en Las Palmas

Summer courses Abroad

Cursos de verano en extranjero en The American School of Las Palmas


The school also offers its students a wide selection of Summer Abroad courses, designed to cover the needs of students of all ages.

In the months of July and August 2022, The American School of Las Palmas will offer the following Summer Abroad English courses:

As well as these courses, which are organized and run by school personnel, as a novelty, this year we are also recommending different options organized by agencies collaborating with the school, not just Summer courses in England, but also courses in the United States or France.

For more information about these courses or to sign your child up, you can contact Ms. Mari Cruz Pablos at the following telephone number: 638 039778 or contact Maite at the following email address:

* Students do not have to be enrolled at The American School of Las Palmas to take advantage of these learning opportunities.



International department of Grupo Innova


CEIAM, the international department of Grupo Innova, offers a variety options for the students to study in Ireland, the United Kingdom or Canada. We have collaboration agreements with an assortment of schools with a variety of characteristics and prices. Different living situations, boarding, semi-boarding or with a family, allow us to tailor each situation to the needs of the student.

Periods of one trimester, one semester or the entire school year living in another culture and learning about different customs and traditions provide rich cultural, eye-opening adventures and memories that will last a life-time. The learning experiences are not limited to the classroom setting but encompass all aspects of your child’s life.


Ana Larrumbide

International Business Director