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Our 12th grade students are about to graduate, and we will miss them very much when they go on their new journey far away!! However, where will they study next year? First of all, we are proud to announce that this year, our 12th grade students have received scholarships for their various talents to study […]

College Counselling Service Includes an Individualized Plan College counselling is an important service at ASLP. In fact, all students in grades 11 and 12 have an hour of college counseling in their schedules. It is obligatory for all and the subject is unique in the Canary Islands. Furthermore, students in grades 9-10 have meetings with […]

This year at ASLP the students in both 11th and 12th grade have an hour of college counseling in their schedules. This hour is obligatory for all. In these crucial years, it is vital to help the students in the choices that lie ahead. For example, in which country should they study? What career or […]