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Technology and Education online during COVID-19

The American School of Las Palmas, which was founded by employees working for NASA, has made technology available to the students. “During the health crisis we have seen many families dissatisfied with the low quality of the virtual classes being offered and frustrated with the excessive workload for students.  On the other hand, we know that many of our families and students are pleased with what the school has accomplished“, they assure.

In the Canary Islands there is a school that stands out strong: The American School of Las Palmas. Our Director, Jeannine Bogaard, has expressed a bittersweet feeling regarding the school’s experience in this setting. The bitter part is related to the pandemic, but the sweet part is the outstanding result that the application of technology has had on the online training of the students. “Our school has always stood out for the use of technology, so both students and teachers started with an advantage over other schools.  For years now, the day-to-day experience for our students includes tools such as Google Classroom or Apple School. The quality of the online classes has been so successful that several students from other schools have even joined ASLP in the last two months.”

“To a certain extent”, says Carli Monzón, father of two students, “we couldn’t expect less from a school that was founded by a group of American citizens who arrived in the Canary Islands on a NASA scientific mission.”

The teacher, Mr. Velardo, with extensive experience in both the United States and Spain, assures that he is working on the development of highly competitive levels in computer technology as well as the emotional skills that will ensure students success in their university studies, abroad or in Spain. These skills will have a positive impact on their professional lives and allow them to give back to society the best of their acquired knowledge.

Director Bogaard stresses – not just the educational level – but the human emotional level as well. “We have taken advantage of the opportunity to remain connected to our families with whom we have created a very special bond. School fees have also been lowered, knowing that this year money will be lost, but trusting that this effort will allow many families to continue in our school next year.”

In times of great concern such as the one we are experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the companies that carry out positive actions for their community consolidate and reinforce their credibility because they serve as an example to be followed.

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