22May 2017
Tree Planting Day, Día del árbol

Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary celebrations, on Friday 26th May 2017, we will celebrate Tree Planting Day. The idea is to plant 50 trees on campus; one for each year of ASLP history. At the same time we wish to embellish the campus, teach the students how to take care of the plants and to help the environment with more biodiversity.

The students from the Eco-Council will first receive training at the Cabildo’s (island government) garden center on Wednesday 24th of May. Here, they will learn how to grow, plant and look after the trees. All of this is possible as the Cabildo will provide the training and then donate the trees and soil. ASLP is therefore very grateful and will do its best to look after the trees.

The types of plants that will be planted will be of local species like the Canarian pine, Dragon Tree and juniper shrub. These are typical of Tafira, where the school is located.

On Friday, we will first have an assembly to explain to the rest of the students and staff about the training. Then each grade will be given a tree and shrub to plant and take care of. This will be their responsibility until they graduate.

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