XLIX Annual THIMUN Conference - The American School of Las Palmas

ASLP Participates in the XLIX Annual THIMUN Conference

From the 29th January until the 3rd February 16 Upper School students from The American School of Las Palmas will be attempting to solve problems we face today around the world in XLIX Annual Conference of The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN). Our students will propose, debate and write resolutions which will be sent to the United Nations in New York. The issues they are investigating vary from environmental issues in Antarctica, to violation of human rights in prisons or weapons disarmament.

This year, the students are representing delegates from South Africa and have to debate from this point of view. There are over 200 schools participating from countries such as China, Austria, Ecuador and Norway and around 3500 students in total. The American School of Las Palmas is the only school that is participating from the Canary Islands.

The way the simulation works is that each student is assigned a committee and will have to write a proposal for the issue for example on international security or on social and cultural issues in the world. The students then debate it, write a common proposal together and will finally vote on the issue.

In addition, this year, one of the teachers accompanying the students has also been asked to be a member of the THIMUN Advisory Board. Ms. Andrea Parker has been preparing students at The American School of Las Palmas for over 10 years and this recognition by THIMUN confirms her dedication after all these years.
For more information you can check the THIMUN website

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